2018 is already off to an interesting start

So soon after I wrote this, 2018 is already off to a bit of a nutter start. Cryptocurrency craziness The cryptocurrency market is already coming to a head. We have known that the lack of regulation would come to a head, and soon. It’s heating up quickly, as the last days of 2017 and first […]

So over Uber. It’s much bigger now.

I am not sure whether there’s anything more that can be added to the Uber discussion. So I’m not going to. The conversation has already shifted away from trashy executive behaviour and individual maturity into a bigger, much more interesting space. This leads out of the antitrust ruling against Google to the tune of €2.4 […]

The maturity peak, part 2

This is the second part to my look into the maturing innovation technology industry. Part 1 here, in which I freaked out about Uber, and the general lack of maturity in innovation leadership. In the time between that first post a few weeks ago and now, of course Uber has been through more. Driverless car crashed in […]

How about that Vault7?

What has Wikileaks done now? Yesterday (7 March, 2017), Wikileaks released an absolute treasure trove of CIA secret misdeeds, misinformation, technical knowhow, surveillance capability and much more juicy stuff. I’m not going to go into the politics, rights/wrongs or even whether it’s real or not (independent experts are leaning to ‘yes’). There are many others […]