Who did you sign-in with last night?

I was having a thought-provoking chat with a friend the other day. As happens these days, the chat was over Facebook Messenger, not face to face. We were discussing things like the PageUp security breach, and I mentioned that one of the companies who had been involved in the security and data compromise, had sent […]

Regulate. It’s a G-Man era.

Warren G represent. If you’ve read some of my past posts, you know I have a keen interest in the way that the tech industry is maturing into something that, in my opinion, will be reined in by the regulatory bodies. We’re seeing this happen in many areas already – the explosion in privacy and […]

2018 is already off to an interesting start

So soon after I wrote this, 2018 is already off to a bit of a nutter start. Cryptocurrency craziness The cryptocurrency market is already coming to a head. We have known that the lack of regulation would come to a head, and soon. It’s heating up quickly, as the last days of 2017 and first […]