The Apple Card Trojan Horse

The Apple Card has intrigued me since being announced in March 2019. The power of iPhone. In a credit card. as the site says. Partnered with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs. And out now for early users, apparently. There’s been some good thought about how disruptive it will be to the payments system, taking on the […]

Could Toys R’Us have saved itself?

If you are like me and attend events where people talk about disruption, transformation and customer experience, then you’re most likely familiar with the brands that speakers love to mention when they talk about disruption: Kodak, who designed the first digital camera yet bet the bank on film. Yeah… Blockbuster, who never left the brick […]

The nuances of change

Bill Gates has a fantastic blog/site over at If you don’t already read it, I recommend you do. I’ve been looking at the relationship between personal/emotional challenge and the connection with innovation. This recent article at Gates Notes appeared for me at a key time: Memorizing these three statistics will help you understand the […]

So this is the price of user data in the EU. The US$5bn antitrust ruling against Android.

The EU hit Google with a US$5bn fine for antitrust, and anticompetitive activity in forcing/incentivising phone manufacturers to install Android, and stick to Chrome rather than offering an alternative. While Google has of course started the usual appeal against this decision, the real question is how much this actually means. Sure, US$5bn is a lotta […]

Who did you sign-in with last night?

I was having a thought-provoking chat with a friend the other day. As happens these days, the chat was over Facebook Messenger, not face to face. We were discussing things like the PageUp security breach, and I mentioned that one of the companies who had been involved in the security and data compromise, had sent […]

Regulate. It’s a G-Man era.

Warren G represent. If you’ve read some of my past posts, you know I have a keen interest in the way that the tech industry is maturing into something that, in my opinion, will be reined in by the regulatory bodies. We’re seeing this happen in many areas already – the explosion in privacy and […]