So I’m Chai. I work in digital stuff.

Official title is Implementation Manager – Digital Publishing. It’s the kind of title created by committee and a bit unwieldy. I do projects. I do implementation. I do stuff.

Overall, I’m an advocate for transformation and omnichannel (multichannel) experience through informed and best practice content (print/digital) production, customer experience methodology and a developed customer experience.

It’s all sorts of things from strategy to training to support to business modelling to analytics to being a good listener to lots of documents and more.

Prior to that I was a creative director. Ran my own agency. Ran production. Ran campaigns. In other words, all of the stuff I mentioned above, but in design…so that including mentoring, upskilling, putting out fires with clients, running account, presenting, doing the whole design-speak thing.

I’m also an absolute information nut – a big on pattern recognition, that by spotting understanding and working trends, we can forecast and transform more accurately and intelligently. I get my knowledge from a lot of places, from The Guardian, to Reddit, from Techcrunch to Wired to The Verge to Buzzfeed to Engadget to Twitter to Microsoft’s new News Pro to Apple News to Quartz to The Atlantic to Google’s blog to Adobe’s blog…and more…

Anyway, this is my blog. It’s for my passions, which are many. I could tell you what they include, but seems to be a pattern here to me having way too many things in my head. But that’s okay, if there’s something I am good at, it’s pattern recognition. Hopefully you’ll be able to recognise some patterns to my passions through these posts. If not…well, this is the place where dragons dwell, so you should be able to find something to entertain you.

Linkedin: https://au.linkedin.com/in/chai-lim-63683021

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chai.lim.sydney

Twitter: @mrchailim

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