HP’s new logo is a simplicity at its best

Beautiful. As seen on Under Consideration. Sometimes a design is so well executed in its minimalism, there’s not much needs saying. HP has always struggled with being seen a stodgy, old and outdated. Their logo, the classic execution of letters in a corporate circle, embodied that. Their new logo, based tightly on work by Moving […]

An encryption battle is brewing…

Apple revealed last Friday that the average iPhone user unlocks their phone 80 times a day. That’s an incredible statistic. That’s 6-7 times an hour in the average 12 hour active day. Or once every 10 minutes. I think I’m falling behind the average. Anyway, it’s a very relevant statistic in the ongoing growth and discussion around the […]

Governance and the keys to the kingdom

Governance. Wikipedia calls it “the way the rules, norms and actions are produced, sustained, regulated and held accountable.” (coincidentally enough, as at April 2016, the entry on governance also notes that the article needs attention from an expert in Philosophy or Business. No shit, it took 3 paragraphs for the Wiki entry to get to that […]