An encryption battle is brewing…

Apple revealed last Friday that the average iPhone user unlocks their phone 80 times a day. That’s an incredible statistic. That’s 6-7 times an hour in the average 12 hour active day. Or once every 10 minutes. I think I’m falling behind the average. Anyway, it’s a very relevant statistic in the ongoing growth and discussion around the […]

How the chaining of blocks could build a transformation

Blockchain. So hot right now. And misunderstood. Look, I’m not really going to try and explain blockchaining. Go and read the Re/Code article, and try not to get distracted by the other interesting articles that you might…squirrel! It’s incredibly clever in its simplicity by creating security through a distributed network of trust and self-validation, that gets […]

What’s new is even newer. From CX to XD.

At South by Southwest (SXSW) 2016, the big media/tech/art/futurism conference, leading design strategist and thinker John Maeda talked about his second Design in Tech report. I consider Maeda to be one of the most important voices in making design matter as an essential part of our daily lives, and the life of a brand. He […]

Customer Experience.

What, no clever title, you ask? Not this time – it’s not because the subject is so serious, but I think the words are mysterious enough already. Customer experience is a more recent bogeyman (read: buzzword). It’s been around long enough to impact our thinking and strategies, and for people to claim to be gurus, but not […]

Hey, did you see the Uber rebrand?

I like it. People apparently don’t. This HERE is the release on Uber’s site. Wired has a nice breakdown of the process HERE. I’m big into these process breakdowns. Partly my background in creative but also because I’m a bitter know it all who likes to judge designers and branding. I’m a big fan of the new brand. […]

Louis Vuitton have a new model, and she’s not real…

Louis Vuitton recently unveiled their Spring-Summer 2016 campaign, or Series 4. Witness Lightning, the new model for Louis Vuitton. That’s pretty gorrammed groundbreaking if you ask me. The main character from Final Fantasy modelling Louis Vuitton. I think most of us would expect that this could carry off in Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong but it’s […]

I really need to blog more

There’s so much happening. I really need to add more to this. Yeah that’s right. It’s commitment time. Edit: I missed all of 2015? Sucking! Edit edit: On another note, I was typing on mobile and my autocorrect changes ‘sucking’ into ‘ducking’. It also changes ‘fucking’ into ‘ducking’. Really, HTC? That was the best non […]