An encryption battle is brewing…

Apple revealed last Friday that the average iPhone user unlocks their phone 80 times a day. That’s an incredible statistic. That’s 6-7 times an hour in the average 12 hour active day. Or once every 10 minutes. I think I’m falling behind the average. Anyway, it’s a very relevant statistic in the ongoing growth and discussion around the […]

How the chaining of blocks could build a transformation

Blockchain. So hot right now. And misunderstood. Look, I’m not really going to try and explain blockchaining. Go and read the Re/Code article, and try not to get distracted by the other interesting articles that you might…squirrel! It’s incredibly clever in its simplicity by creating security through a distributed network of trust and self-validation, that gets […]

What’s new is even newer. From CX to XD.

At South by Southwest (SXSW) 2016, the big media/tech/art/futurism conference, leading design strategist and thinker John Maeda talked about his second Design in Tech report. I consider Maeda to be one of the most important voices in making design matter as an essential part of our daily lives, and the life of a brand. He […]

Customer Experience.

What, no clever title, you ask? Not this time – it’s not because the subject is so serious, but I think the words are mysterious enough already. Customer experience is a more recent bogeyman (read: buzzword). It’s been around long enough to impact our thinking and strategies, and for people to claim to be gurus, but not […]