HP’s new logo is a simplicity at its best

Beautiful. As seen on Under Consideration. Sometimes a design is so well executed in its minimalism, there’s not much needs saying. HP has always struggled with being seen a stodgy, old and outdated. Their logo, the classic execution of letters in a corporate circle, embodied that. Their new logo, based tightly on work by Moving […]

What’s new is even newer. From CX to XD.

At South by Southwest (SXSW) 2016, the big media/tech/art/futurism conference, leading design strategist and thinker John Maeda talked about his second Design in Tech report. I consider Maeda to be one of the most important voices in making design matter as an essential part of our daily lives, and the life of a brand. He […]

Hey, did you see the Uber rebrand?

I like it. People apparently don’t. This HERE is the release on Uber’s site. Wired has a nice breakdown of the process HERE. I’m big into these process breakdowns. Partly my background in creative but also because I’m a bitter know it all who likes to judge designers and branding. I’m a big fan of the new brand. […]